Marquette Area FIRST Robotics

Cold Logic students, mentors, and volunteers. Hello and welcome to the online home of the Marquette-Area FIRST Robotics Teams. This is the homepage of the high school-level FIRST Robotics Competition Team, 3617 Cold Logic. Our team serves students from the Marquette Area Public Schools, Marquette Home Schools, and North Star Academy

Cold Logic competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) along with 52,000+ other teams from around the world.

It is our greatest goal that students who are a part of Team Cold Logic gain confidence in themselves, their skills, and their ability to learn from failure. We aim for students to create lasting friendships and networks not only on their own team, but with members of other teams, as well as members of our community.

Fundraising Progress

Cold Logic recieves a donation from the Marquette Exchange Club There is no registration cost to join Team Cold Logic and it is the team's goal that all students and mentors are able to travel to each competition with little to no cost to them personally. As such, fundraising is a huge part of our year!

Our fundraising goal for the 2018-19 school year is $40,000. This will cover the cost of the team's registration, robot parts, tools, personal protection equipment, travel, etc. A complete outline of the team's budget can be found here.

Students raise funds by writing and submitting grants, fostering relationships with donors and sponsors, and by holding fundraising events (such as concessions, sales, etc.). Each student is responsible for raising at least $1,000 as part of their participation requirement.

Community Outreach

Cold Logic members participate in Outreach activities Giving back to the community is what FIRST is all about! Volunteering at community functions, making public appearances, and fostering S.T.E.A.M. interest within our community. These events allow the team to create public relations, thank our supporters, as well as meet potential sponsors and team members.

Current Outreach Projects:

Cold Logic Open House on September 25th, 6:00pm, at the NMU Jacobetti Complex (2296 Sugar Loaf Ave, Marquette, MI 49855) •Cold Logic will be hosting an Open House for all interested students and parents on September 25th, 6:00pm, at the NMU Jacobetti Complex (2296 Sugar Loaf Ave, Marquette, MI 49855). Veteran team members will be giving a presentation about Cold Logic, then doing a robot demonstration.

•The 4th Annual UP Robotics Conference will be held on November 10th at Marquette Senior High School. This event is intended for both students and mentors of FIRST teams at all levels. The UP Robotics Conf. is an opportunity for teams to share skills and network, and is a free event. If you are interested in attending, please use this Event Brite link.

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Robot Build

Every year on the first Saturday in January, FIRST issues a robot-building challenge. Teams then have only six short weeks to design, build, code, and test a competition-ready robot.

The 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition challenge, FIRST Power Up, has two alliances of three robots (and three teams) competing to gain control of teeter-totter-like structures (called Switches and The Scale). To tilt the teeter-totters towards their alliances' color, robots must stack milk crates (called Power Cubes).

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This year's robot, Eugine, was equipped with a simple claw to grab cubes as well as a tilting linear slide arm that allows him to extend up to 6ft to place cubes on the switches and the scale. He also features encoders which keep him from extented past the alloted frame perimeter during a match.

Female team members plan and design robot modifications for their all-girls event Currently, our female students are working on modifying Eugine for their upcoming All-Girls off-season competition on October 6th. These modifications will include the introduction of a pneumatics (air pressure) system to improve the claw mechanism, a launcher for quickly getting cubes on top on the scale, and possibly a climber. The robot will also be christened with a new name, Eugenia.

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FIRST Power Up (2018)

FRC competitions are held at the District/Regional, State, and International levels. To advance, teams must either earn enough qualification points or win the Chairman's award. At district events, there are typically 40 teams competing. The MI State Championship hosts 160 teams.

While Eugine's preformace at our district competitions in Escanaba and Livonia was a bit shabby, student's reported not only that they had imense amounts of fun but also that it was a real learning experience. Their winning attitudes reflected this, and the team came home from Escanaba with a Gracious Professionalism Award.

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All-Girls Off-Season Competition Hosted by Team Cold Logic

All Girls Off-Season Competition hosted by Team Cold Logic Oct. 6th at Marquette Senior High School Cold Logic will be hosting the first ever FRC Competition in Marquette on October 6th at Marquette Senior High School. The event will feature 16 teams from around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan competing in FIRST Power Up with their modified robots.

In the spirit of FIRST, the event will be completely free for all participants and spectators. To sign up as a participant, please use this Event Brite Link.

The event will also be Live Streamed for those unable to attend!

Destination: Deep Space (2019)

The 2019 FRC challenge has been announced! The game will be titled Destination: Deep Space, and will have an interstellar theme.

This year, all four levels of FIRST Robotics (FRC, FTC, FLL, and JR. FLL) will share a common theme. This package of competitions, in celebration of the 30th year of FIRST, is called FIRST Launch.

The FRC challenge will not be revealed until January 5th, 2019, however FIRST has released a teaser-trailer for FIRST Launch.

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Click here to learn more about FIRST Launch

Thank you to all of our Sponsors!

Cold Logic would like to thank all of their sponsors and supporters! Team Cold Logic would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our donors and sponsors!:

2018-2019 Sponsors:

Eagle Mine, Betsy K. Starling, David & Barbara Kellogg, Deborah Gershenson, Christine & Samuel Simonetta, Carolyn L. Meyers, Marquette Automotive, Constance G. Arnold, Gwinn Lions Club, Cowell & LaPointe CPA PC, Superior Collision, LaFayette Collision Center, Sawyer International.

2017-2018 Sponsors:

Cold Logic would like to thank all of their sponsors and supporters! Northern Michigan University, Jean & John Montgomery, Marquette Senior High School, Bill & Jessica Donnell, Marquette Breakfast Rotary, Kiwais Club of Marquette, Marquette Builders Exchange, Exchange Club of Marquette, Econo Foods, Closner Construction & Sales Inc., Sally Davis & Dave Campana, IBEW Local Union 906, Advance Center for Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery, Dr. Michael G. Nidiffer MD, Superior Dental Care, Robert & Meredith Kulisheck, Swick Home Services, Younkers, Moosewood Nature Center, Mandel Electric, Hong Kong Buffet, B&G Heating and Plumbing Inc., Alpha Omega Dental Center, 906 Technologies, John & Elizabeth Jameson, James & Elizabeth Trimble, Lutey's Heritage Motors, UP Catholic Credit Union, Border Grill, James & Donna Peterson, Bingham Boatworks, and Pharmacy Phill.

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Thank you NMU! Thank you MAPS! Thank you Marquette Rotaries! Thank you MBA! Thank you Exchange Club! Thank you Kiwanis!