Team History
    Team Cold Logic was founded in the Fall of 2010 by Marquette Senior High School metals and autos teacher John King along with FRC Team 141 Wobot graduate Cory Walters and FRC Team 1625 Winnovation graduate Alec Hill. In the beginning the team only consisted of eight members, mostly high school freshmen. The team, with the help of their experienced mentors, survived build season and went on to win the 2011 Livonia District Competition as well as Team 141 Wobot's Favorite Rookie Award.
    In 2012, the team doubled in size thus bringing in new ideas and new ways of thinking. The team came up with a simple robot design- an A-frame with a treaded mechanum drive train- but it was a force to be reckoned with! This all-defense excelled on the field winning the 2012 Niles District Competition and moving onto the Michigan State Competition.
    Since it's beginning, Team Cold Logic has always been a team with small-town values. We strive to be an active group in the community through volunteer work as well as an advocate for FIRST throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The team size has seemingly leveled off at around 20-30 students, all with very unique skills and interests.

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A Brief Visual History

Team Demographic
Total students as of 8/18/2017: 15

Team Mission Statement:
    We strive to innovate and transform our ideas into a reality by creating a diverse and proactive team out of local youth that- with the direction of those volunteering as mentors- unites as a family.

    It is important to the team that we not only provide a place for innovation and learning, but most importantly an environment where students feel comfortable being themselves, exploring their interests and discovering new interests that will propel them into a succesful future.

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Student Roles
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